Singulating machines for Ceramic substrates


New generation high speed singulating machine for unpopulated flat Ceramic and DCB MasterCards. The cards are supplied to the machine trough an input magazine. Each singulated module is inspected by a sophisticated vision system to check profile conformity and integrity before to be placed into output magazines. The machine is fully programmable to execute the complete cycle starting from product recipe. A sophisticated "Touch screen" operator panel based on PC allows the fully programmability for a variety of products as well the control of each machine alarm. Full traceability option to any kind of data base Real time remote assistance via Internet

  • Cadence: better than 3 second for piece


length: 220 cm
width: 104 cm
height: 185 cm


  • Singulation of Ceramic flat substrates
  • "Touch screen" operator panel based on PC
  • Edges conformity after singulation AOI inspection
  • Full Traceability of each single device of the Master card with Factory Data Base
  • Full programmability of each station
  • Matrix and bar code readout
  • Real time remote assistance via Internet

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