Assembly lines for Tantalum capacitors

S607-S608 Bar welding line

Automatic Resistance welding line for Chip tantalum capacitors. composed of one S607 and five S608 machines Suitable for A,B,C,D,E type Complete line to weld tantalum capacitors on an aluminium bar by resistance weld. A special vision system and an SPC control allows to keep all the tolerances below 0.1 mm.

  • Cadence: more than 50.000 parts per hour


length: 840 cm
width: 130 cm
height: 185 cm


  • Resistance welding of tantalum wires on aluminium bar
  • AOI control of wire length at welding to have wire length tolerance below 0,01 mm.
  • Conveyor connected machines for minimum in order to have only one operator for entire line
  • Semi-automatic loading of carriers with anodes (Up to 1640 anodes in 60")

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