Assembly lines for Power modules

BD3 Assembly line

Assembly line for Power Hybrid devices composed of 5 machines in line ( S706, S707, S708, S709, S710 ) The line consisting in different manual and automatic machines provides to dispense by means of two 5 axis articulated arm robots as well the sealing two components silicon resin and clamping rivets. After the device is riveted it is delivered In Line to the next oven for polymerisation. All the automatic machines have a sophisticated "Touch screen" operator panel based on PC allows the fully programmability of each station. It is possible to produce in fully automatic mode even one single device (one piece flow)

  • Cadence:one finished device every 15"


length: 670 cm
width: 120 cm
height: 185 cm


  • Dispensing of two components silicon paste by arm articulated robot
  • Pick and place of several types of rivets by arm articulated robot
  • Rivets automatic clamping
  • Automatic setting of each machine following the code of incoming boat
  • "Touch screen" operator panel based on PC
  • fully programmability of each station
  • Test report on txt file for analysis

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