• From Italy
    To the States
    To Japan
  • Singulating and wire&contour inspection machine
    With corner removal from module edges
    More than 800 pieces per hour
  • Singulating and wire&contour inspection machine
    Suitable for master card holding press fit pins already inserted
    More than 800 pieces per hour
  • Handler for Orthodyne Bonders Mod. Asterion for DBC
    two independent bonding stations working in parallel
    Boat change time at bonding station less than 2
  • Singulating machine
    for hybrid Mastercards with AOI
    and full product traceability
  • Assembly machine for Power Modules
    Spot welding on 5 individual Station
    12 modules each minute
  • Handlers for Orthodyne Bonders
    Multimagazine to Multimagazine
    In line
    Magazine to Magazine
  • Highly integrated laser welding machine
    for tantalum flat chip capacitors


  • Analysis of Customer need.
  • Proposal of a realistic approach
  • Preliminary design
  • Technical proposal to the customer
  • Commercial proposal to the customer


  • Complete design of machine or process
  • Design review with customer for final approval
  • Final design of each single piece
  • Design of electrical architecture
  • Design of software structure


  • Assembly of mechanical and electrical parts
  • Loading of all software programs
  • Preliminary tests
  • Customer inspection during Realization
  • Full debug with real customer parts

Delivery & After Sale

  • Acceptance at GP.synergy site
  • Installation at customer site
  • Staff training and final acceptance

  • Tele-assistance for immediate troubleshooting
  • Stock of spare parts in house for fast delivery


Founded in 1987, GP.synergy is a small company located in Latina at less than 40 minutes from Rome International Airport.

In spite of it's size GP.synergy has the confidence of major International companies working in the field of Electronic components all-over the world.

Panasonic, ST Microelectronics, Valeo, ABB, Orthodyne, C-MAC, Siemens, Kemet and many, many others are producing their components with machines designed and realised by GP.synergy.

The first machine designed and realised by GP.synergy has been a Testing and Laser marking machine for the Microcomponent SOT23. A machine having a performance, incredible at that time, of 4 pieces per second.

In 1988 GP.synergy invented an unique methode to cut and weld tantalum wires for production of Tantalum capacitor. Since then, majority of World-wide producers are using GP.synergy Technology.

Recently GP.synergy is proposing new innovative Singulating machines for Ceramic substrates and DBC, presently considered the best available in Europe


iconcerning first Pocket calculator assembly lines composed of 27 machines and delivered:

as appreciation for the excellent results achieved in meeting with success of the set aims:

QUALITY – COST - DELIVERY TIME in the Realization " turnkey " of the new production lines for the TI 30X pocket calculators.

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Last Realizations

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