The International Awards


Concerning the singulation machines for Hybrid Mastercards:
Being the end of the year, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the great cooperation during the projects we made together the last 2 years:

  • Although the timing was short and critical
  • Although the challenge was great
  • Although the requirements and quality level were automotive standard and thus high
  • Although "last minute" changes were requested from time to time

Even with all these points, you managed together with your team to deliver the machines on time and with the required quality level. Flexibility an Synergy are really key words that are applicable for your company.

C-MAC Micro Technology
Ronse, Belgium


Concerning first Pocket calculator assembly lines composed of 27 machines and delivered:
as appreciation for the excellent results achieved in meeting with success of the set aims : QUALITY – COST - DELIVERY TIME in the Realization " turnkey " of the new production lines for the TI 30X pocket calculators.

Rieti Operations


Concerning Bar welding machine for tantalum chip capacitors:
More than any certificate this picture shows the customer satisfaction after bar welding line successful acceptance.

Kyoto factory

SPRAGUE (France)

Concerning laser welding equipment for Tantalum capacitors delivered:
The firm SPRAGUE FRANCE S.a.r.l addresses its heart-felt congratulations to GP.synergy in Latina ( Italy ) and its director G.Panascia for the good quality of the design and the manufacturing of the delivered equipments

Sanford (USA)


Concerning the TO3 and TO3 Jumbo assembly lines:
In the last few years ST Malta has made a number of purchase of highly integrated equipment from GP.Synergy S.r.l. As from start we have managed to create a strong business relationship between ST ad GP.synergy and on behalf of the ST management I would like to express our appreciation of GP.synergy's commitment to meet and axceed ST requirements.

Charles Brincat 
QFP/POWER IC Manufacturing Department Manager


Concerning Trim & form machines for SMD devices:
addresses its heart-felt congratulations to GP.synergy de Latina ( Italy) and its director G.Panascia for the good quality of the delivered equipment sand for the excellent co-operation , readiness and customer service provided in Our plants ofTOURS et CASABLANCA

TOURS plant manager


Concerning Bar welding machines for tantalum chip capacitors ( atotal of 36 machines ):
felicitates company GP.synergy and its general manager Mr. G. Panascia for the good quality and the reliability of the delivered bar-welding machines. We are also very thankful for the customer service performed during this project.

Tantalum-Electrolytic Capacitor Manager