Ultrasonic Welding


Assembly line for SD Cards Highly integrated line for SD Cards assembly. The line, fed by trays having the plastic components of the cards, the SD modules and the shaker plates filled with the sliders, performs in sequence the following operations:

  • Bottom, module and top positioning in sandwich
  • Ultrasonic welding of the assembled card
  • Slider picking-up and inserting into the card
  • Slider control and final positioning
  • Delivery of good SD cards to output trays
  • Cadence:more than 750 units per hour


length: 225 cm
width: 164 cm
height: 185 cm


  • Ultrasonic welding with dimensional control
  • 5 Axis arm articulated robot for slider handling
  • Tray handling
  • Fast pick and place robots
  • Full programmability of each station

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