Material Handlers for Orthodyne Bonders

Multimagazine to Multimagazine Handler for J-Boat Magazine to Magazine Material Boats Handling System for Orthodyne Bonder Mod. 3600/3700. Equipped with Magazine changers having a capacity of 4 Magazines as well at input and output,. It loads boats carrying up to 10 ceramic DCB boards from input magazine. It has automatic detection of DCB presence on the boat with transmission to the bonder of the bonding device list. After bonding the cards are inserted into the output magazine.

  • Cadence: Boat change time at bonding station less than 5"


length: 180 cm
width: 110 cm
height: 140 cm


  • Automatic magazine changer
  • Automatic feeding of boats to bonding station
  • Full dialog with Bonder for program choice, devices to be bonded. based on code of incoming boat
  • Traceability of each single device with Factory data base
  • "Touch screen" operator panel

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